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Official Mailing-lists

Click on the link in the first column to go the mailman mailing-list interface where you will be able to subscribe to the list.

You can unsubscribe from the list in the last line of the mailing-list interface.


Gambas Users This mailing-list is intended for Gambas users and developers, i.e. for people who write, or try to write programs with Gambas, and for people who want to help me programming Gambas by writing components, and talk about that. Please follow the Mailing List Netiquette.
Gambas Bugtracker This mailing-list receives email notifications from the Gambas Bugtracker when a new bug is filed, a status changes or a comment is added.
Gambas GitLab Commits This mailing-list is intended for gambas developers who want to be warned of each commit to the Gambas GitLab repository.

If you want a mailing-list for your language, just ask me, I will add it.

All these mailing lists are hosted freely at Thanks for their support!

IRC channels

There is a gambas group registered on Freenode. You can use Freenode's webchat to chat right now!


#gambas General-purpose channel about Gambas programming: the language, components, libraries, the IDE. You name it.
#gambas-dev To chat about the Gambas implementation: the compiler, interpreter internals, writing native components.

Forums & Web sites


Language Description German A German forum made by Tobias Boege and now maintained by Christof Thalhofer. German A work in progress online book treating latest Gambas releases with full projects - articles and source code downloadable. Readers are encouraged to participate and send their own projects. English A web site with code snippets, Gambas Playground, a different view of the Gambas Farm programs, Disto help on installing Gambas etc.. English A forum for the Gambas user community. English Project aimed at providing the means for people to learn Gambas. The site has downloadable guides and a Gambas application LearningGambas. French A French Gambas web site with a french forum. The forum has moved to Gambasforge. Italian An Italian web site and forum.
Comunidad Gambas-es Spanish A Spanish web site with a forum and many other things.
Gambas Indian Forum English, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam Dedicated Indian Gambas web site with a forum and source codes from the local community with 5 indic languages translation, Organised by Karthik Yadav. French A site for storing projects written with Gambas, with a french forum. This site is made by Fabien Bodard. It is being redone at the moment.

Other links

Note: If you have other links, just add them to this list!

The Gambas Wiki An international Wiki made by your servant in Gambas, and hosted by Rob Kudla. It contains the documentation of the development version.
An Italian Gambas site This site is made by Leonardo Miliani and Fabio Colinelli.
A German tutorial for Gambas This is a "wikibook" made by... many people apparently. My German is too bad, so I can't read and check it! A site made for the Spanish speaking community.
sologambas Blog dedicated to Gambas only in Spanish .