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Enumeration declaration

{ PUBLIC | PRIVATE } ENUM Identifier [ = Value ] [ , Identifier [ = Value ] ... ]

This keyword declares an enumeration, i.e. a list of integer constants.

If the Value of a constant is not specified, then it will be the value of the previous constant plus one, or zero for the first constant.

All constants are accessible everywhere in the class they are declared.

If the PUBLIC keyword is specified, they are also accessible to the other classes having a reference to an object of this class.

Since 3.17

The value of an enumeration identifier can be define by a constant expression.


Public Enum Normal = &H00, {Left} = &H01, {Right} = &H02, Center = &H03, TopNormal = &H10, TopLeft = &H11, TopRight = &H12, 
  Top = &H13, BottomNormal = &H20, BottomLeft = &H21, BottomRight = &H22, Bottom = &H23

Private Enum None, Horizontal, Vertical, Row, Column, Fill

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