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Special Methods

Special methods are methods declared in classes, whose name begins with an underscore character, and that are called by the interpreter in the following situations:

_attach When an object is attached to or detached from its parent.
_call When using an object as if it is a function.
_compare When comparing an object with another one.
_free When an object is being freed.
_get When reading an object as if it is an array.
_init When the object class is loaded.
_next When enumerating the object.
_new When an object is created.
_property To know if an unknown symbol is a method or a property.
_put When writing to an object as if it is an array.
_read When unserializing an object from a stream.
Since 3.15
_ready When an object construction is finished, and an object is ready to be used.
Since 3.9
_unknown When trying to use an unknown object method or property.
_write When serializing an object to a stream.
Since 3.15